Engineering & Drawing

Project starts with good drawings, but something needs to be verified or some parts of the design do not exist anymore and have to get evaluated and replaced with an alternative We use the following software:
  • Mastercam
  • Solidworks
  • Solidedge
  • Inventor
  • Autocad

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineering, design and troubleshooting skills create tremendous value for our customers and are some of the reasons why we are the shop of choice for custom projects. We get involved with…

Design from scratch

In creating a new design for a customer, our experience in heavy-duty applications allows us to identify needs through conversation and informal design. We then follow-up quickly with a fully realized design and documentation.


Recreation of Drawings

Project starts with clients providing illegible, obsolete, or incorrect drawings which must be recreated from scratch. 


Reverse Engineering

We are often asked to reverse engineer a part for a customer. We have a 3D scanner to assist us with these tasks.


Artec Leo

The Artec LEO handled wireless 3D scanner is the first to offer onboard automatic processing with integrated touch panel viewer to free you from being tied to a computer for data capture. With scanning up to 80 frames per second the LEO is the fastest professional scanner on the market. Add to that the larger field of view and data capture is quick and easy while maintaining high accuracy. Data acquisition up to 3 million points/sec., with a working range of .35-1.2m. 3D resolution up to .5mm, 3D point accuracy up to .1mm.